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Whoever wanted to visit the stone-carved landmark of beautiful Assisi from october 14th to 16th had to hurry up. The city was crowded and fully booked. Among the usual tourist crowds, around 550 international guests of the annual international Congress of Case Studies of ALBA were around.

The audience was full of facets this year. Residents of beautiful local hotels on the one hand and campers just next to the parking lot of the congress hall. People came from all over the world. Traditional visitors like Germans, Swiss, Austrian people and French as well as Irish, Israelic and Mexican guests. Thanks to the very fluent simultaneous translation, this Congress was open to the world.

[caption id="attachment_177" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Nicolas Barro Convegno"]Nicolas Barro Convegno[/caption]

The opening speech on Friday, was held by the cultural representative of the region, Franco Mignani. The further course of the congress gave space to other guest speakers also, so, saturday afternoon, the mayor of Assisi, Claudio Ricci, joined the Congress, speaking moving words to the audience. At afternoon, Professor Francesco Castrica explained the biochemical mechanisms of the DHS. With his research he showed that any activation of neurons cause an increase of receptors on the cell surface, allowing the synchronicity of brain and body. Although his research and the words he used are based on the concepts of conventional medicine, it was very clear that his creation of neurotransmitter profiles for various conditions and emotions can be a very important diagnostic approach.

At the final debate, two other guests were invited to the board: Dr. Denis Poletto, dentist and delegate of the physicans association of Pordenone, and Domenico Scilipoti, Member of Parliament and part of the Ministry of Health, responsible for non-conventional medicine.
The round agreed. The medicine of the third millenium cannot be limited to traditional concepts or methods but must be a holistic approach, focussed on the human being, using any available and useful concepts.

Some of the cases:

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Hair loss in horses - Two young veterinaries explained impressive and comprehensible, what could cause hair loss in horses and demonstrated two case reports of how this process can be reversed. The most important thing here was the analysis of the situation, regarding the biological code of the horse species, with which the hair loss can easily be understood as the result of a loss of social contact.

Dermatitis in an infant - One therapist showed a case of a small boy where the rash and exanthem occurred at the exact sport where the child was last touched when passed between the parents. It turned out the parents had the habit to hand over the child to the partner as soon as he had any intestinal colics, whereby the contact to the parent was interrupted harshly. The parents were given a strategy to perform for some weeks which included a certain form of contact. This ended the situation.

Bladder cancer with metastasis - A spectacular case was presented by one of the doctors of the scientific comittee. An elderly lady with transitional cell carcinoma and regional lymph - and bone processes that usually are described as metastasis. After necessary abortion of chemotherapy due to a toxic shock, she was prognosed with only 12 month of survival time. Some changes in her live made it possible that the process was being reversed. In the end, after a follow-up diagnosis, no sign of cancer could be found.

The conclusion of friday was a discussion about the topic of compliance. The term usually describes the cooperation of the patient, so his willingness to perform a perticuly therapy (Adherence). For the application of the five laws of nature, these means a lot more, because here, the assets of the person are also depending on the currently presents SBS and is therefore not only a psychological issue.

Saturday was full of case reports of various types, like eczema of the skin, experienced by a teacher who had devoted herself to a particular job, a facial paralysis which ended as predicted and a 14-year-long gastro-intestinal infection which could be controled within days.

A warming case was the story of a Franciscian monk who built up a old monastery just next to Assisi and suffered from allergic alveolitits with bronchitis after his dream was threatened by the Franciscian Order.

Afterwards were some explanation of schizophrenic constellations to begin afternoon with case studies of psychatric and psychological types. Cases of panic attacks and consternation with various states of confusion were shown, illuminating the triggering factors and explaining the course and type of intervention.

Sunday was completed by interesting case of two dogs with skin lesions after hierarchical disputes and a mastitis in one of the dogs after a conflict of „torn-from-the-breast“ because the dogs owner tried to intervene the feeding of the new-born puppies for helping the smaller ones.

In the end there was a documentation of a breast lump with calcification and a very interesting study of fibromyalgia as a result of hypersensitivity and sustained contraction of the smoth muscles of the muscular fascia.


Both experts and learners on the subject were impressed by this years Congress of Case Studies. The choice of the cases was less about dramatic diagnosis, but ensured that different views and aspects of therapeutical application and diagnostic work could be seen.

Not only the fact that people from all over the world attended the congress, but also local representatives, delegates of the Physicans association and a member of the Ministry of health were present clarifies the course on which the association ALBA is currently going.

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